We provide a wide range of services

The travel industry is so diverse that one size certainly does not fit all. PTIS offers an individually tailored suite of services in order to adapt to all circumstances.

While the aim is always to grow your net revenue and customer satisfaction, each business will have its unique path in achieving these goals.

This is why we start with a free no obligations consultation, and then work with you to define and implement the best strategies to help you reach your objectives. 

What's on offer?

Below are some specialty areas where PTIS can help you grow your business. Whatever your needs, in case they are not listed below please get in touch and we can discuss exactly what you are looking for.

OTA Specialist

Offering 10 years experience and knowledge as a senior manager for the the world's largets accommodation website.

Yield Expertise

Helping you achieve the most effective combination of occupancy & ADR to increase your profits.

Content Optimisation

Great content boosts sales. Maximise sales and customer satisfaction in tandem to ensure long term growth.

Tactical Marketing

Helping you create pricing strategies suited for every channel and bringing them to market for you.

Channel Management

From hands on channel management to helping you maximise the unique benefits of each distributor.

Business Development

Sales & marketing activities to help you develop new markets in order to ensure sustained growth.

Let's go!

Tell us about your ambitions.

A Complete Cycle



Learn about your business, your current situation, your goals and your ambitions.



Analyse your business mix, your channels, source markets, occupancies, ADRs & yields. 



Discuss strategies with you until we have found the best solution for services that suit your needs. 



Production of a business plan that will be the blueprint of your new strategy.



Full implementation of the blueprint and relevant setups with all your channels.



Day to day delivery and management of contracted services, as well as reviews and tweaks when required.  

Let's get started!

Book a convenient time for a free and no obligation discussion about your business needs and the level of assistance that you would like. You'll receive quotes on a range of services based on opportunities identified for your business. You can then decide on what's right for you.